Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MPG V2.1

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I've update the guide adding two Web pages. The first is a Seasonal Conditions Web page. This page is for general information for each month, currently for June 2008. It's not meant to be specifically or completely accurate or complete, but for something the news and information the news and information won't or doesn't normally provide.

For June, it's about the snowpack and snowmelt, the annual problem of bugs on the trails and the wildflower season, we have lots of the first and none of the second and third yet. This is because the bugs and wildflowers needs the snowpack to be gone, with the exceptions for some flowers which can grow through snow. Bugs can't begin life until the ponds are clear of snow, the ice melts and the temperatures warm. And the same works for wildflowers and the sun comes out a lot more.

With the current snowpack, it's a fair bet we'll have lots of both for longer into the summer this year because the snowmelt will be later, so everything that follows will be later and maybe longer into the summer. So be prepared after July 4th for bugs and flowers, both of which may last into late August or early September or the first good night freeze.

The second is an explanation of the information on the Web page. I added this Web page to explain that all of the references, books and Web pages on the Web pages in the guide have been researched and reviewed, and do not violate any copyright laws. The information is either in the public domain or considered public information, only the individual writer's or photographer's work is copyrighted which is only linked on the Guide's Web pages to ensure the owner's rights are kept.

In addition I want to explain all of the references to books, publishers or book sellers are provided without any affiliation or compensation to me by anyone. I provide the links for free because not only do I have copies of all the books I reference, I feel they're important to add to your information about the NP and any work you plan in the NP.

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