Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Contact Web page

Ok, at the request of a friend who didn't like that I have used a direct link for e-mail (a "mailto" in html code) because she didn't use MS Outlook, and wanted me to develop a standard contact form Web page, I've done this and it should be consistent throughout the Website and the navigation bars, as now linked to this Web page.

It will be improved as I learn more about php to add some choices and spam protection. And if you know of some cool tools or things you'd like to see on it, you can use it to send the links to me. And all you real Web designers and programmers can stop laughing at my simplistic effort with this Web page. Remember we all have to begin somewhere learning something new. I don't expect to learn that much more php, just enough to get this script better. I have more interest in other things on my Website than learning programming.

So have a good summer. I'm planning some hiking-photography and working on the photo guide to Mt. Rainier NP.

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