Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Updated news and access

I updated the table of contents with new and updated information in the news Web page, access and conditions Web page and seasonal conditions. What does this mean to the visitor?

For one, with the unusually high snowpack and late snowmelt, some roads are either closed or open daily depending on snow removal. For another, the Washington State Highway Department will start repairs to highways 123 and 410 beween the Stevens Canyon entrance and Cayuse and Chinook passes from the storms and landslide of recent years. And lastly, many trails are still snowbound about 4-5,000 feet as there is still over 8 feet of snow at Paradise.

For the visitor going to the Nisqually entrance, to alleviate the parking congestion at Paradise from the snow and construction, the NPS will be operaing a shuttle service between Whittakers Mountaineering Services parking lot to Longmire and Paradise Friday through Sundays to Labor Day. The parking is free but the park entrance is $5 if you don't have an annual pass.

Lastly, I've added a bibliography of books I've collected over the years which can be useful to visitors and photographers. Many of the books are still in print and available from local or on-line bookstores. The exception is the older USGS reports which are available from the USGS on-line publication library or can be copied at your USGS district (state) office.

Over this summer I will be updating the individual area information Web pages, starting with the Paradise area, which should be done in the next week or so. The other four areas will be update through July. I hope to have some basic information on each by early August.

I hope this helps. The next schedule update will be in early July or earlier if I see new information about roads and trails.

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