Monday, June 30, 2008

Southwest Area

I've updated the photo guide for the southwest area in the National Park (NP) which is accessible through the Nisqually Entrance on highway 706, which goes through the NP past Longmire and Paradise to highway 123 which goes north to highway 410 over Cayuse and Chinook Passes and south to the Ohanopacosh Entrance. You can get an overview of the separate quadrants and Paradise areas. The goal is to provide more detail information for each area to help you with your visit and photography.

Over the next month or so, the other areas will have the Web pages updated similar to the Paradise area Web page. Everyone is welcome to send e-mail with suggestions or questions they have about the areas and would like to see more information. Over time, each of these areas will be more fully expanded with more information, references and photos. For now I want to get an initial framework up to see what direction I need to go with the Web pages.

In addtion, work will continue on the other Web pages, labelled "forthcoming", meaning overviews and guides to other aspects of Mt. Rainier NP which should help your visit and photography. Some of these areas are beyond my experience, and I will be using help from friends and available resources to develop the Web pages, so your help would be appreciated. You can see where I'm at from the table of contents.

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