Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wildflowers and meadows

Note.--This blog has been superseded with the recently updated Web pages for wildflowers with a map of the area. Please link to these than here.

I have updated the Photo Guide with a Web page for wildflowers & meadows with a map of areas. This is a preliminary version as I refine the information.

All of the wildflower areas and meadows should be snow-free and the flowers either starting or well into the beginning of their seasonal life cycle. This year the bloom is late from the excess snowpack and late snowmelt. It's not known how long the wildflower season will last this year but it's likely to be a shorter period this year.

There are three types wildflower areas and meadows. The first are the areas near the visitor centers at Paradise and Sunrise, where they're accessible by easy dayhikes of a 1-3 miles. The second are dayhikes from trailheads accessible within a few hours' hike, and the third are backcountry hikes accessible over weekend requiring experience and permits.

One last comment about the hikes and trails in these areas. These are very sensitive environmental areas, so please follow the rules (signs) and do not go off the designated trails. The plants don't recover quickly and the NPS staff and volunteers have gone through a lot of work restoring these areas.

You're welcome to send me you comments, suggestions and questions to improve these Web pages.

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