Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Personal Update

Sorry, I've been away on work around and with the Mt. Rainier NP photography guide, working on the 1896 expedition, but mostly around the expedition, such as the USGS topographic maps of Mt. Rainier, 1915-1971 and NPS maps, 1907 to 1925 along with some additional information about the expedition.

Along with that I've been under the weather with the flu or something similar. So, that's slowed things down a bit, but not enough to get some progress. And that's the problem I've discovered. Which is? Well, between the expedition and the extraneous interests around the expedition, there's a lot of information and materials, but mostly it's about finding it, much of which is in university, government or private archives.

So, what else is new?

For one, the new visitors center opens this Friday October 10th through the weekend. After that it will only be opened weekends and holiday through the winter to late spring. Paradise Inn is now closed for the season. So, if you plan to go to Mt. Rainier, especially on weekdays, you're on your own for food, etc. Be prepared for your trip, stay and hiking.

In additon, I'm working on the 1896 expedition along with the early maps (1907-1925) of the NP, along with updates, winter activties and other Web pages for photographers working in the NP. So, there is more to come. And if you go to the NP, be prepared for inclement weather and follow the guidelines for hiking there, even visiting. It always helps and never hurts.

And this is today's photos from Paradise, including a dusting of snow with temps in the 30's and 40's. Get the idea?

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