Sunday, February 8, 2009

Updated news and access

I have updated the photo guide with the latest news concerning access and conditions. The short summary is that all the roads are closed at the entrances except the Nisqually entrance to Longmire and from there to Paradise, see news and access Web page.

I have also added new Web pages for the NP Web cams and for winter photography with a map for locations. I'm back to working on the early history, which covers the period before it's designation to the first USGS topographic map of the NP (1880-1920).

In addition I'm focusing research on the 1896 expedtion. I've found some letters one member wrote to family during and after the expedition which adds significantly to the expedition report. This is more long term project as I research more archives and work on the route they took (July 15-31, 1896) with a map of camps, side visits and waypoints.

And lastly, the Washington State Deparment of Natural Resources has produced an excellent geology and road guide to Mt. Rainier NP and vicinity, see description. I am working on a Web page to better present the book and download the whole book and individual sections provided by DNR, see their Web page.

That's it for now. Mt. Rainier and the NP is in full winter mode, and snow is the operative word, from the entrances and up.

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