Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update to maps

I have updated the two map retrieval Web pages for USGS 7 1/2 topographic quadrangles, the older DRG files and the latest PDF files. I added the eastern set of maps which covers the eastern extent of the NP, which I overlooked before. This set now covers the entire NP, 15 maps in all.

The PDF versions are from the USGS map Map Locator Web page. If you don't see a map displayed in the window, follow the instructions to the right of the space to set the preferences correctly. For some reason, the USGS uses a third party source with their cookies.

And you can download a tool provided by map2pdf, in the pop up window embedded with each map, if you have a PC (no Mac's). I've contacted the company which provided the software and service at public expense to offer Mac version and the USGS to update the requirements for Mac users with the maps. Like that will happen.

Anyway, sorry for the oversight with the maps. And now you can get all the topographic maps for the NP.

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