Monday, June 7, 2010

June Updates

I have updated the photo guide area guides with the latest seasonal information. It's still the same as the full guides for the southwest, northwest and Paradise areas are available and the guides for the northeast and southeast are still in preparation. I apologize for the delays with these two areas as life and other work intervened. The guide for each area takes 3-4 weeks to research and prepare, so finding blocks of time is hard with other projects and recent health issues.

The short news is that June is the transistion month from winter/spring to spring/summer as the snowmelt through June into mid-July opens the areas for hiking and photography. All the entrances are open except the White River is open to the White River campground, which open late June, and the Sunrise road and facilities opens early July, and the Mowich Lake Road, currently closed at the Paul Peak trailhead, opens early July. All the closed roads are open to hikers and backcountry permit for camping.

For the most part, June is generally cool and often rainy, so the words to always be prepared and flexible still applies to anyplace in the NP, and especially the mid-elevations, 4-5,000+ feet as the snowmelt progress and the weather changes. Otherwise, enjoy the NP and your visit.

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