Monday, October 10, 2011

Mental Vacation

I have to apologize to all the visitors of this blog and my Mt. Rainier photo guide. I've been on a free fall mental vacation for much of this year and especially since August, barely keeping anything updated and especially not the monthly guides and maps.

At this point in time, the September updates have been ready to upload for weeks and the October ones in preparation, but I just haven't done the final work to get them on-line, and that is my failure of late. After working on the photo guide for five years and the monthly reports for over three years now, I've kinda' run out of steam for a short while.

I expect it will come back soon and everything updated to current status and information, once I get over the depression I'm in right now, see a description. This has happened a number of times in my life going back to my teens.

It's called genetic, or lifelong, Dysthymia, and double depression when normal depression is added to the current one. It's the old feeling we often get being overwhelmed with life and everything we're doing and being. Sometimes it tires me out mentally and physically, which is what has happened this last year.

That said, I thank for your patronize to the Website and photo guide, and everything will be current soon, probably this month for the start of winter in Mt. Rainier NP.

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