Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter 2011-12 Update

I have updated, at last, the Mt Rainier NP photo guide for the winter, December 2011 through February 2012, news, conditions and prospects for visitors and photographers. Everything is now winter in the NP and the only part without significant snow is the northwest corners, namely the Carbon River entrance.

You can now get the latest news from the NPS' Mt. Rainier NP Twitter Page about the status of the weather at the Nisqually entrance and the road from Longmire to Paradise controlled at the gate just east of Longmire. Add this to your cellphone (Twitter app free) if you plan trips to Mt. Rainier NP.

The snowplay and winter camping areas aren't open yet but probably will be open mid-late December. You can get more information from the NP's winter recreation Web page. If you like to play in the snow, be patient, it's almost here.

In addition, you must carry chains for your vehicle if you go in the winter. They're rarely required but still necessary if you get to Paradise and the weather changes so the road down the hill to Glacier Bridge requires chains. Many tire stores sell them on a rebuy program if you don't use them through the winter you can sell them back in April.

Go and have fun.

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