Monday, January 2, 2012

Broken Links

Update.--I have compiled a list of 54 Web pages with about 75 broken links. As noted they will be fixed with new links or removed if none is found. There are still broken links on the blogs (, but likely they'll remain broken unless they're a popular read post. More news as this work progresses.

Original Post.--My next task with the photo guide is to fix the external broken links on the many (425) Web pages with the Website and photo guide. The first run found over 70 critical ones (excluding the blogs) and many on important Web pages. So that's the goal, to fix them or remove them if a new link can't be found.

It's the hazards of linking to other Website, you're always finding the other Website redid their Websites and broke all the links. That's life in the Internet, always a puncture here and there. But over the next few weeks they'll be good as new or in the virtual bit bucket. After that are other broken links from the filters I used to find the first bunch. The second bunch is more troublesome and will be more time consuming. But that's for another month in the future.

For now. I apologize for the broken links. They'll be back.

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