Friday, April 27, 2012

Other Maps

In the previous post I wrote about Green Trails maps for Mt. Rainier NP. There are a few other maps which are also quite useful and handy. One is the USGS series on National Parks, and Mt. Rainier in this case, for where they produced three in this series. One is the 1915 map reprinted with updates a few years apart. I have a digital and printed version of this map.

The second is the 1935 edition, also reprinted a few years apart with updates. I have the 1938 (original) print edition.

The most recent of this series is the 1971 edition, which has been printed over the years but not reprinted with updates. This map is the National Park from the 1971 7.5 minute map series, but not updated with the later editions of those topographic maps.

The other maps which are for specific purposes in the NP or the adjacent USFS lands, and are handy are as follows.

One is the Mt. Rainier National Park trails illustrated map by the National Geographic Society, 1997 and revised 2003.

Another is the Green Trails Wonderland Trail map with a climbing map.

Another is Mt. Rainier National Park Centennial Editon Map by Stanley Maps.

Another are the the Mt. Rainier Glacier Travel Guide series for climbers produced by Stanley Maps.

Another is the National Geographic map of the Goat Rocks, Norse Peak and William O. Douglas Wilderness Areas.

Another are the US Forest Service maps for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Mt. Baker and Snoqualmie Forest and the Goat Rocks and Tatoosh Wilderness. These are very useful for travelling on the lands around Mt. Rainier NP.

Yes, lots of maps, but then I'm a geographer who likes maps. All of these maps are available from local climbing, outdoor or recreation stores or local maps or travel stores. The main REI store has all of these including the USGS maps.

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