Saturday, February 9, 2013

Small Update

I have walked through some of the Web pages with the Mt. Rainier NP photography guide and updated   them for navigation and organization and for new information. Nothing else with the guide is new as the February reports are current and I've had the flu for just over a week now.

I still have a new more updates to do for the photography guide Web pages and I'll post a notice when they're on-line and available. Those Web pages are also current, I'm just proofreading them for corrections and some additional information.

Otherwise, the March-April reports, which is both late winter and early spring in the NP, will be forthcoming later this month. I'll also be working on some of the later project Web pages, such as the spring season or the northeast or southeast quadrant guides, hopefully to have one or more done by May.

That's it. It's still winter in the NP (above photo) and likely will be into May as the snowpack to date is above normal and the prospects are for continued cold temperatures in the mid-upper elevations. Only the lower elevations will see warmer temperatures in March through April. 

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