Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Website Host

I've used a local Website hosting service company since 2006. A few years ago their computers didn't accommodate hosting Websites, so they moved their customers' Websites to a server in Florida and became a virtual server and just through put for visitors.

This meant people going to my Website went to the company's server which redirected the visitor to the Florida server. And I used a FTP application to upload files to the Florida server. Ok, it was slower but worked and the Florida server didn't have any quotas.

Last week they reconfigured their system to accommodate hosting Websites locally but they didn't move the files until yesterday, but it broke the DNS links to Websites, which was why the notice posted yesterday. They fixed it by going back to the Florida server.

Fast forward today I uploaded a bunch of files to that server and then they called to say they moved the files overnight and connected the DNS correctly, so that all the files I uploaded weren't on the new server, so I had to test their new Web administrator Website.

It sucks and really irrelevant for me as the FTP application (Fetch) works with them too, and it's slightly quicker since it's local than going through all the connections to Florida. I uploaded the files I edited or added.

So, all's well with the world, but if you see problems with the Website, please let me know. They supposed walked through it as I did but with over 400 individual html files, a few hundred images and about 100 documents, it's possible something got missed or corrupted.

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