Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring update

Well, spring just hasn't arrived yet here in paradise. And so I've been working on the Website for the Mt Rainier NP photo guide, by adding two sets of updated Web pages. The first are better waterfalls Web pages, found at the Introduction, map and list. I still have the other 160 known waterfalls to review and add to the map and list. And I want to learn better script programming to streamline the list to use a shared xml file with the map. It's the same information and would make updating the pages easier.

The second set is the maps. I updated the overview of maps for Mt. Rainier, adding three excellent sources, Trails Illustrated, Green Trails and Mt. Rainier Maps, along with adding a new Web page to download USGS Topo DRG files provided by the Geomorphological Research Group at the University of Washington. The USGS upgraded their DRG files after finishing the initial project in 2001.

I've updated the table of contents to the photo guide. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

On other issues, the NP is still under winter rules. As you can see from the image off the Webcam at Paradise, there's still a lot of snow, about 18+ feet, and the weather is quirky this year. We've still getting snow when we normall level out and get ready for the start of snowmelt in 2-3 weeks. Even if the snowmelt is normal, it will likely last into June at the mid-elevations.

You can get the latest road report and trail conditions This will likely last into mid-May, so if you plan a trip before Memorial Day, you should check the NPS Website for the latest information.

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