Friday, December 17, 2010

New Computer II

While I've written about my new computer, and it's not related to Mt. Rainier NP, but to the Webisite and the photo guide, I can say it's fully up and running with everything seemingly working. I haven't walked through everything, I know I will encounter small problems over the following weeks and months as I use more of the applications again.

But that said, I'm a happy camper. A little less rich financially, but with years of a great computer, it will easily repay itself. I will be sending my early 2006 G5 back to Apple to be recycled once I clean the hard drives. I have to say it was a good computer, never failed, rarely had problems, and mostly third party software. But the reality that no one, not even Apple supported it anymore, short of occasional security updates, it was overdue for a new one which will go well into the future.

And I can get back to the Mt. Rainer NP photo guide and history projects work starting sometime the last week of this month. I will be working on the paper side of things and doing some minor work preparing for several new Web pages, such as the two undone area guides, glaciers, placenames, and early history (1880-1920), among others.

I've been gather some more historic material, one of which I plan to scan (it's a government, public domain document) into a PDF. It's a description of the NP by the pre-NPS Superintendent of the NP in 1914, complete with map. It's cool to see 96 years of changes from then to now. And there have been many.

That's it for now. I'm back working, if only in between holiday life and some medical tests right now, but then it's winter there and not much changes except more snow.

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