Monday, December 13, 2010

New Computer

Well, the new Apple Mac Pro is up and running with all of the applications folders and files transferred. Well, almost all, I haven't wandered through every directory to compare contents (the old G5 currently sits along side the new Pro). It's clearly overkill for my uses but it will last at least 5 years and will be able to do anything I want with memory and disks to spare. I can ugrade the memory (currently just 8 of 32 MB's) but have all four hard drives used.

While it wasn't a hard thing, since I bought it from Apple's on-line store and they configured it minus the applications which I transferred, upgraded and added. There were some frustrating times which required some work to find a solution, but some friends with Mac Pro's helped a lot.

I discovered Migration Assistant (MA) program only transfers stuff from the primary hard drive, all the other ones are ignored. And the Time Machine backups for the old Mac aren't recognized by the MA program or the Pro either. So, you're left with putting in the old hard drives and copying folders and files to the new hard drives. This was, in the end, the easiest method except the finder settings didn't copy to arrange the files correctly.

Oh well, there's always something, like a set of Murphy's Law for computers. I also found some applications had to be reactivated, some with the serial number. Only one won't run until I find the original serial number (in a box in storage, I think). Some didn't work at all and had to be downloaded. And some I haven't tested yet as I have to connect all the hardware and test the applications for them.

So why do this when the old computer was working fine, although it is now frozen with no Apple support and no new Apple, Adobe or third party applications available for it? Well, it's the nature of the world and the Internet. You can't keep the old computers unless you don't have the need to keep current, but then you're risking your computer when you use the Internet.

For one you can't keep up with the changes in Web standards and design features. And you will, if you haven't already, found some Websites don't work on your older computer because the browser and plug-ins won't work and new ones aren't available, like Flash on the iPad and iPhone. Good luck navigating the world now.

And so I gave myself a very big and expensive Christmas present, but one which I'll enjoy for a long time now with just updates and upgrades, like the old one which lasted almost 5 years (4 years of good support and service). That's not a bad return these days for technology. The trade-off we face and buy now.

There still is some more work, testing the remaining applications, connecting and testing the hardware (will work, just not done yet), and walking through some of the new applications. What surprised me a little was that all the previous Adobe applications (CS2, CS3 and CS4 Suites) still work, at least the ones I routinely use.

I expect to get the remaining work done this week and return to my normal life again. With the medical issues and tests, I won't be back on the Website right away (ok, minus my blog to rant at politics in Washington D.C.), but will return the last week of December to get ready for the new year.

That's it from here. I hope you're finding this blog and the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide useful and helpful, and you can always send me your comments, questions or suggestions.

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