Monday, May 13, 2013

Wonderland Trail

Photo Tacoma News Tribune
Craig Hill, staff writer on the Tacoma News Tribune, is doing a series on the Wonderland Trail, which you can find the initial March 10th column here on getting campsite permits for the coming season. Additional articles are as follows.

March 17th, hiking the Wonderland Trail counter clockwise.

March 24th, preparation for hiking the Wonderland Trail.

March 31st, history of overuse and abuse of the Wonderland Trail.

April 14th, the ups and downs of the Wonderland Trail.

April 21st, the discrepancy over distance of the Wonderland Trail.

April 28th, about trekking poles for the Wonderland Trail.

May 5th, about boots and socks for hiking the Wonderland Trail.

May 12th, about losing the weight with your backpack.

This series is expected to last into May, so I'll post updates with links as I find them or you can search the Tacoma News Tribune Website for his columns or from their Mt. Rainier NP guide.

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