Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updated Lakes

I have updated the Web pages for the lake in the NP with updates to the description and 3 additional lakes with official names. These three lakes are inaccessible from trails and are in the backcountry area, one near Mowich Lake and the other two in the upper Olallie Creek basin.

In addition I'm working on a description and map of the unnamed lakes in the NP in the 1973 report by the Washington State Department of Ecology listed in the information paragraph in the above Web pages.

There were 41 lakes identified and located in the report, a few of which are accessible from trails but most aren't. I haven't found any explanation why these were chosen among the many unnamed lakes in the NP as they range from glacial tarns to larger lakes.

The description and map for these will be on-line as soon as I can finish the work.

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