Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hiking book updated

Finally the hiking books for Mt. Rainier NP are getting updated for the latest trails conditions, especially the closing of the Carbon River Road at the NP entrance. It is now a hike and bike trail to Ipsut camground requiring a backcountry permit to stay overnight. And along with this change from the storm and flood damage of November 2006 and subsequent years, other trails have had minor changes to their configration in the NP. But to date, none of the books have accounted for this change which I've noted on the day hikes Web page.

Sasquatch Press has finally updated Ron Judd's Day Hike! Mount Rainier to reflect the changes in the NP trail system with updated mileage and maps. This won't necessarily require you to replace your copy of this book, as you can easily calculate the additional distances and note the trail changes, but the new book won't hurt to have.

Ok, a plug for the latest information. Why not? It's a good book along with the other two books on the trails in the NP, see the Mt. Rainier book resources Web page and the resource on the day hike description and map Web pages. You can just toss it in the car for the hiking season, and pass it on when you done using it to someone who wants to or is hiking in the NP.

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