Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Reports updated

The news and conditions reports for June have been updated from the latest news and conditions reports from people, the NPS, etc. etal. are coming in. In short, the lower elevations, below 4,000 feet are now snow-free except for shaded areas, north facing slopes, etc. where snow persists from colder temperatures and lack of direct sunlight. This means many trails are now open for hikers and photographers.

And while there are warmer daytime temperatures, the night time temperatures and shaded areas are still near normal for the NP this time of year, meaning low to mid 40's. So dress according and take extra clothing for the nights and colder areas during hikes. And remember, the weather can suddenly change during the day or overnight, including rain.

Everything else in the June news and conditions still applies as June is this year's transistion month from winter-spring snow conditions to summer conditions. It's a good time to be out there when the bugs haven't come out yet, still a few weeks away from the peak, but only if the warmer weather persists and the snow continues it's melting timeline.

Either way, enjoy the NP and take care of it during your visit. It belongs to all of us, we'd like to enjoy it too.

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