Sunday, July 19, 2009

Backcountry Guide

I've developed a basic (first draft) backcountry trail and hiking guide with a map of camps, trailheads and cache locations. I won't push the limits of my experience here as it's all from the many day hikes (some 10-12 miles) I done in Mt. Rainier NP. I'm not a backcountry hiker (long done before and really hated, but that's another story), but I can use my experience and translate with the information I find to provide some good basic information.

After all the difference between a good day hiker and a good backcountry hiker is being comfortable being overnight in the wilderness, and the truth is that the numbers of backcountry hikers these days hasn't significantly changed over the last few decades and most of them are the dedicated ones who do many backcountry hikes than than the occasional backcountry hikers.

This doesn't mean day and backcountry hikers aren't photographers, most carry cameras to document their trip and experience. And many of those produce excellent images. Hopefully, the photo guide can help them produce even better images, but my goal is providing the serious amateur to professional photographers more information for their visit and hikes in the NP. Their time is limited and this is the focus, and hopefully they'll add some hikes, both day and backcountry hikes during their visit.

Both the hikers and visiting photographers can also learn from the many photographers who have spent many days over years in Mt. Rainier NP, listed here, who are experienced and dedicated photographers and hikers. They long realized the sheer magnitude of photo locations and opportunities in the backcountry of Mt. Rainier NP.

Anyway, I hope the guide, like the day hike guide, helps. and remember it's just the first version and you're always welcome to send me your comments, suggestion, problems or questions.

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