Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updated SW Area Guide

I have updated the southwest area (Nisqually River entrance) for the Mt. Rainier photo guide. It's the first of the five areas to have more detailed information and a map for locations and photo opportunities. This one was updated from the May 20, 2009 initial version.

I apologize for the lateness with the area guides, but I totally misjudged the time necessary to research the information and prepare the maps and Web pages each area, which turned out to be 2-3 weeks instead of the expected one week. I hope to shrink the time to 1-2 weeks for the other guides, to be the Paradise area next followed by the northwest (Carbon River/Mowich Lake), northeast (White River/Sunrise) and southeast (Ohanapecosh) areas.

Anyway, I hope the area guide helps and you're always welcome to send me you comments, suggestions, questions and problems with the photo guide.

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