Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help & Services

Since the Mt. Rainier photo guide I was discovered a lot of cool information about Mt. Rainier, the NP and photographing in the NP, and have decided to start offering research help and services to photographers planning and visiting Mt. Rainier NP, kinda' explained here.

The goal is to assist visiting serious or professional photographers with information about Mt. Rainier and the NP as part of their photography work. There are a lot of on-line resources for photographers planning and preparing for a visit, and there are a lot of resources within the NPS and Mt. Rainier NP to provide much of that information. And many local professionals and organizations are available for additional information.

So what help can I offer? Honestly, I'm not sure, except I have a MS degree in Geography (WWU Bellingham), was a hydrologist for the USGS (1978-2005), and have been an photographer since 1969 and a hiker in Mt. Rainier NP since 1977. And with the photo guide and history projects, I've managed to find a lot of information and material.

The idea I have is to explore the possibilities for help and information service for visiting photographers about Mt. Rainier NP as part of developing my personal photography business. For now the help or services will be free, but it still has to fit into both your information needs and timeframe and my work and schedule.

In short, I'll can pretty much tell you immediately how much help I can provide if you can provide specific information and time needs. The one caveat is that it has to pertain specifically to Mt. Rainier NP and not anything outside or only basically related, such as travel and accomodations to the NP. That information is already available through commercial services.

What I can do is shorten your reseach work and time with information, resources or links to information or resources. The photo guide has a lot of them, but not all of them. I focus those on main or home pages and not specific ones which might provide the help or information you want or need.

Anyway, it's a thought and offer on my part. You're welcome the visit the Web page for more information and contact me.

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