Saturday, April 16, 2011

DNR Book and Other News

Several problems have been found with the Web pages for the Washington Department of Natural Resources book on the geology of Mt. Rainier National Park, found here. I think all of the problems have been resolved on my end, but there seems to be problems with the State's Website so you can use the alternate site to get the book or individual parts of the book.

I will be adding some more stuff on these when I resolve the problems or find new sources along with review other Web pages where I serve material from my (Apple) Mobile Me account. I hope to copy everything off that account to keep it as a backup than a primary source. Apple keeps changing things to access the folders and files, something I don't want to chase frequently.

In other news, the April and May updates will be on-line soon. I've been late all year with these but it's less important in the winter and nothing really changes, or at least this year, where updates are critical until June. So, in the next two weeks both months will be on-line (yeah, those promises are always easy to say). I'll keep you posted.

For now, there's still lots (about 18+ feet) of snow at Paradise and only the northwest corner is snow free. And it keeps snowing in the mid to upper elevations while melting in the lower elevations.

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