Friday, April 1, 2011


I found a problem with the USGS maps in PDF for Mt. Rainier NP, at this Web page. Apple changed the structure of public folder on the me accounts (iDisk) where you can't go directly to an individual file but must go through the folders. That sucks, so I moved all the maps to my Website where they will be served there.

You can download them through or view them in your browser. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, there is a Topo Map application which allows you to download the same USGS topographic maps into your iPhone or iPad and view them seemlessly. I use this app when away from my Mac with National Geographic's Topo applications.

This iPhone/iPad app is handy, especially since you can get the whole NP in one seemless map. The drawback with the app is that it's not accurate for location or elevation, which I assume is due to the algorithm from the point data used to make the map. It's significantly off, something I learned and had to redo a lot of point data for a Google map Web page I'm working on.

Otherwise, it's cool or you can download the individual PDF maps onto your iPhone or iPad. I apologize for not see this problem earlier, and I hope it didn't cause any inconveniences.

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