Friday, April 29, 2011

More on Maps

Update.-- I have also added the approximately 800 acres added to the NP in 2003, but as I understand or can find information, hasn't been completed pending funds and legal issues, just outside the Carbon River entrance in the northwest quadrant of the NP. This is an exclave surrounded by private timber and USFS land, the latter making up the land between the eastern boundary and the NP to put the Carbon River in federal jurisdiction, map below.

The boundary is approximate from the one map I could find, again, and like the 1987 additions, I can't find a legal description, and everything is in Washington D.C. and not on-line (that I could find). Gee, that's being useful for here.

Original Post.--Well, I learn more each day, which considering my age and getting older some days faster than I would like. I noticed the NP boundary I was using from the USGS NP maps of 1971 didn't account for the changes from the 1987 boundary changes, see map, above and about halfway down the Web page.

Well, through all the searches I couldn't find the legal description of the land so translated the changes to an approximate boundary I use on the map Web pages and the only maps. As you can see the map above (a copy) is terrible at best, so the boundary isn't exactly accurate, unlike the other boundary determined from USGS maps and legal descriptions.

I was able to add the additional land on the southern boundary, which put the entire Stevens Canyon road in the NP and not under joint responsibility of the NPS and USFS, the latter I assume was happy to give the NPS, and the western boundary for the old road over Round Pass, and now a trial, and again for the same reason of responsibility.

What I wasn't able to determine was the change on the eastern boundary which I think transferred land from the NPS to the company who owns and operates the Crystal Mountain Resort. I don't know this but it appears the NPS ceded the top of the ridge for ski lifts. But until I can confirm what land was transferred to whom, I didn't change the boundary.

If anyone has information or a source to determine the deal with the eastern boundary or knows where I can view a map of the other changes, beside the obvious "On file with the office in Washington D.C." - like I'm going to go there just for that - I'd appreciate it.

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