Thursday, November 8, 2012

NP Webcams

If you visit the NP Webcams Web page, you'll notice the Webcams at Sunrise haven't updated in awhile, like about two months. That's the Sunrise facilites have been closed for the season and I suspect the Webcams were turned off for the winter.

As much as we'd love to see winter scene at Sunrise, it's doubt they would work often enough to warrant the energy and resources to keep the working. They should return next spring, probably around May or June.

The Webcam at Camp Muir is also not working because, as opposed to the other Webcams in the NP which are indoors looking through windows, this one is on the top of the shelter and exposed to the elements, and again, it's easier to shut it down for the season.

I'm not sure if these Webcams will come back during the winter, and it's doubtful consider the time and people it takes to service them, but let's express our appreciation to the NP staff for their work to install and operate them.

We're grateful for helping visitors see the NP without going there and they give an excellent view of the weather and conditions at Longmire and Paradise.

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