Thursday, November 8, 2012

Partial November Update

I have updated some of the news Web pages for Mt. Rainier NP, see the photo guide for "Latest News" and "Current Access" for information. The November monthly prospects report is being prepared along with updates to the winter season prospects along with the area reports for the NP.

I apologize for missing the October news and reports and the latest of the November reports, but sometimes, as they say, life makes the decisions for you that you can't change or fight. That's life. That said, here's some news to remember.

All vehicles are required to have chains when travelling in the NP. This includes rental vehicles, so if you're renting, make sure to ask and get chains if you plan to visit the NP.

The road from Longmire to Paradise is controlled by the gate east of Longmire and at the Nisqually Bridge. You can check the daily status at the NPS Mt. Rainier Twitter Account.

The Jackson Visitors Center at Paradise is only open weekends and holidays from now until May.

The weather will be the most variable during November from nice and sunny to cold with rain or snow. 

The trails below 4-5,000 feet will generally be snow-free except during storms. You can check the Webcams at Longmire to see the weather and ground conditions (at 3,000 feet).

That's it, more to come.

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