Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Week News

The Thanksgiving holiday week and weekend are the busiest time in the NP in the fall, only eclipsed by Christmas and New Years holidays. This year winter has come early to the NP with snow in October that melted at all but the upper elevations early in November, but the the snows returned to stay.

There currently is over a foot of snow with considerable new snow coming early this week to increase the snowpack to about 2 feet or more with continuing cold temperature at the mid-upper elevations to ensure it will be there for the Thanksgiving Day weekend visitors.

Also, this means the road from Longmire to Paradise will be closed at the gate every morning until the NPS crews clear the road of snow. In addition, they will control access from the Nisqually Bridge to Paradise to ensure vehicles have the proper tires or chains. Remember your vehicle must have chains in case of snow emergencies.

The Jackson Vistors Center will be open from Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) through Sunday. Starting next week (November 27th) the road from Longmire to Paradise will closed Tuedays and Wednesdays through the winter except holidays (Christmas and New Years days). The Nisqually entrance will be open, but only to Longmire.

Remember if you visit the NP, please ensure your vehicle has all the proper winter provisions for emergencies, such as blankets, overnight bag (minimal clothes and supplies), food and drink, flashlights and batteries, etc. You may not need them but you'll be glad you did if you do need them.

That's the news on access and conditions. Have a good and safe holiday

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