Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Photo Guide

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My goal is to provide a photography guide to Mount Rainier National Park. This guide is in the initial stages of development and it will expand and updated as I add my own hiking and photography experience, the experience of better photographers on their Website and in their books, and from the current and best available Website for background, travel and photography information.

Below are the list of topics in the photography guide. Those sections noted as "in progress" mean the Web page is basically there but the content is still in progress as I research and assemble the existing data and do my own in the field. Those sections noted as "forthcoming" are place holders for future sections, meaning they're simply ideas I plan to add to the guide.

Latest News
Current Access
Monthly Report
NP Overview - forthcoming
Background to Guide
Chronological Blog List
Web Cameras

Area Overview
Travel and Places
Weather Overview and Map of sites
Weather and Snow Resources
Forests & Trees - forthcoming
Wildflowers and Map
Geology Information
Glaciers & Ice Caves - forthcoming
Sun & Moon

Road Trips - Map - forthcoming
Trail Overview
Hiking Tips
Day Hikes - Map
Backountry Hikes - forthcoming
Winter in NP - forthcoming
Bike roads & trails - Map
Lakes - Map and List
Waterfalls - Map and List
Lookouts - Map

Photo Overview
Photo Tips
NPS Photo Permits
Area Overview
Paradise Area
White River - In progress
Ohanapecosh - In progress
Nisqually River
Carbon River & Mowich Lake - In progress

History of NP - forthcoming
Early Explorations - forthcoming
Early Photographers
1896 Expedition
1893-97 Forest Reserve
National Park Effort - forthcoming
1899 Designation
Laws governing NP
Early USGS & NPS Maps - forthcoming

Photo Gallery
Other Photographers
On-line Trail/Hike Guides
Maps - USGS and Resouces
Topos as DRG's or PDF's
Books on Mt. Rainier NP
Information & Resources
information copyrights
Photo Guide Suggestions

Another version is found on my Website.

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