Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, I'm working on updates and new Web pages and wandering around the Web I discovered the NPS has reactivated the Webcams they used to have in the old Jackson Vistors Center (the concrete flying saucer building now gone). There are now four Webcams in the new Jackson Visitors Center, one facing due north at the summit, one southeast at the Tootash Range, one looking east and one looking west.

The latest images can be found here and a list can be found on the NPS Mt. Rainier NP Website. However, at this time (1/15/09) they're current down due to winter conditions and haven't been updated in almost two weeks. You can also easily locate other Webcams for the Mountain via a Google search but I found none of them are really useful for seeing conditions in and around Mt. Raiiner except in a cursory way. But I'm still looking too.

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