Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An evolving idea

While working on some new Web pages (soon to be on-line and here) I was thinking about how people may use the Photo guide to Mt. Rainier NP. I hope folks undestands it's an evolving idea and that over time, the pages will be updated or replaced and new ones added, so hopefully it will be current to the available information for your visit and photography. That said, I'm only one person working here, so some work takes time and has to fit into the other ascpect of my work and life.

The eventual goal of this guide is a book, probably on-line and, hopefully, a publisher, but that's a few years away for now. Now it's develop the framework and get the overview into each catagory and type of interest, and then expand it as I work and find new information or new ways to present information. I already have the visual idea of the book, mostly an introduction guide with maps and links to the Website for additional and current information.

The book will also have maps, preferably six, one overview, the four quadrants and the Paradise area, the last five with points and details. Eventually I plan to add photos from my favorite places and examples of some of the photo opportunities. But fitting the photo trips into the work along with the Mt. Rainier NP history, maps and expedition projects will take time. There are too many excellent photo and photo essay books on Mt. Rainier, so mine wouldn't help much.

Anyway, that's the thoughts. Take the Web pages as works in progress. And you're always welcome to send questions, suggestions, commetns or problems about the Website and photo guide.

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