Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sun and Moon Information

I have updated the Web pags for the sunrise and sunset and moonrise and moonset and sun and moon azimuth for January through June 2009. The new information is available here. In addition there are links to Websites to calculate your own times and information.

One word of caution, which is mentioned on the Web page is that this information is calculated and depends on your location relative to Mt. Rainier and the local terrain, usually making the sunrise and moonrise later or the sunset and moonset earlier due to Mt. Rainier and the mountains. This could range from a few minutes, also within the error of these calculations, to up to 30 minutes or more in valleys or on west facing slopes for sun/moonrise or east facing slope for sun/moonset. The same applies to the time for twilight as it's relative to the local terrain, especially in the valleys or on opposite facing slopes of the sun or moon.

In addition the calculations were done for Paradise on the south side of Mt. Rainier in the NP, and the moon information is calculated for Seattle. These times are fairly consistent for this area within the margin of error of a few minutes and differences can be accounted for in the field. You can also use the links at the bottom of the Web page to calculate the information specific to a location in the NP.

Please let me know if you find or experience any errors with the information.

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