Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Update (3/14/2012).--The Web pages for the waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP, also with a map and list of the waterfalls are available. Please go there and ignore the rest of this blog entry.

Update (4/17/2008).-- I have completed the first set of 42 of the approximately 200 waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP on the Web page, so I would appreciate if you would send e-mail or add a comment if you have problems, suggestions or questions with the page and information.

I plan to add two enchancement over the next two weeks or so. One will be a drop down list of all the waterfalls by name which locates them on the map and the other will be identifying each by accessibility in four catagories, easy (road or short trail - tourist), moderate (half day to one day roundtrip hike), hard (two to three day roundtrip hike, and difficult (long hike, 4 or more days, and/or off-trail, some bushwhacking or orienteering necessary).

Back to the original post.

I've created a map and list Web page for waterfalls in Mt. Rainier National Park, available HERE. The waterfall introduction Webpage is HERE. The map is currently missing the necessary script to make all the point active with a popup window to indentify the waterfall and provide information and links for it, only one has it for testing purposes (Affi Falls, the most northeast icon).

There are links to other websites and books on the waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP. The list on this Web page was gleened from the books and some of the Websites. As I get the script for the icons fully working, I'll look at the list to add or subtract for the most easily available ones to photograph. You're always welcome to send my your suggestions and comments about waterfalls in the NP or these Web pages, along with any ideas, suggestions, problems with the Mt. Rainier photography guide.

I hope you find it useful.

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