Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Waterfalls II

Update (3/14/2012).--The Web pages for the waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP, also with a map and list of the waterfalls,are available. The rest of this blog entry is the explanation for inclusion of waterfalls in the Web pages.

Original Post.--I have updated the waterfalls Web page, adding links to photography guides along with some personal notes and suggestions, and updated the map and list Web pages after the Website with additonal information about waterfalls revised their database and pages.

When using this Web page it should be remembered I focused on waterfalls with official or known historic names, and I add ones as I find ones with a name. There are several times more waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP, most without names and many with unofficial names, mostly names people use for their personal reference. These are not included in my guide and are not in the books on waterfalls, but are often included in the other Websites on waterfalls.

My goal in restricting the number to recognized waterfalls is that they'll be easily known and can be found on maps or with print, on-line or computer-based map packages, gazetteers or atlases. The last thing a vistior needs is knowing the name of a waterfall they can't find. If it's not here or in the books, it's still in the NP, just not by the name they have.

If you have one you want me to research and perhaps add to the guide, please feel free to send the name you have and a description of the location, and I'll do the homework.

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