Thursday, March 22, 2012

Waterfalls Guide Update

I have update the guide for the waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP with an expanded description, a map, and a list of the waterfalls. There are over 200 waterfalls, but only most of the 63 on these Web pages are named and located on USGS topographic or NPS park maps. Other waterfalls were included if they had common names from several sources and could easily located on maps.

There are only 7 waterfalls within easy walking distance from parking lots or trailheads, see description above. The rest are vary from short half day hikes or long day hikes with significant elevation gain or by background hikes, see map of locations. The largest number of waterfalls are in the southeast (Ohanapecosh) area.

The description Web pages also has some photography tips for waterfalls. While some of them are easy access and relatively easy to photograph, the vast majority are buried in forests, often with little (trees) or restricted light (time of day) and are difficult to get photographs without a lot of and energy. But, they're worth it if you work at it.

That's it for now. I'll work on enhancements to these when the ideas strikes, and you can always send me your suggestions, comments or questions.

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