Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lookouts Guide Update

Gobbler's Knob

I have expanded and updated the Web pages on the lookouts in and near Mt. Rainier NP with a description and a map of the lookouts. These are different in elevation and hike, but all have one thing in common, significant elevation gain from the trailhead to the lookout. Like that new or news, they're lookouts, and offer magnificant views of Mt. Rainer and a 360-degree view of the NP and beyond.

Unfortunately because they're lookouts and the trails and lookouts are well under snow and will be until June at the earliest and some until July. Three are at 5,800-6,000 feet elevation and the fourth, Fremont, is 7,100 feet elevation, but if you're hardy, experienced and have snowshoes, then you're welcome to go because they'll be very few, if any, others there and you'll have a great view.

Personally, I wait until July as I'm less a snow person anymore. I'll still go on trails with snow on the upper elevations, but not all day or the entire trail. Anyway, this is the last set of Web pages in section 3, so the first half of the photo guide is current, and I'll work on section 4 which has some two new sets to do, one set to create and the rest to update. I'll keep you posted.

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