Thursday, May 7, 2009

Area photo guides

Folks, due to the length of time it takes to research and compile research material and develop the text anad map Web pages for each area, which will have accompanying maps of photo locations, the Web pages won't be ready when I anticipated. I'm still working on the map page for the southwest, Nisqually entrance, which will be the template for the rest, and reviewing the draft of the text Web page, on-line in draft form.

At this time I don't know when I'll get all five areas, the four quadrants by entrance and the Paradise area, see the overview Web pages, done. The next one will be the Paradise area as it is the first to open for most visitors. After that it will be the northwest, Carbon River and Mowich Lake, area, followed by the northeast, White River entrance, area and the southeast, Ohanopecosh entrance, area.

I suspect it will be into early July before the first version of all of them are done in draft form. I apologize for the delays but this work is part of the longterm development of this into a book of some type, one which has far more extensive than the currently available pamphlets (see resources Web page under "photography").

As always, you're welcome to send me your questions, comments, suggestions and ideas about the photography guide.

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