Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Southwest Area

I've produced version 2.0 of the photo guide for the southwest, Nisqually River entrance, area, with a description and a map guide. It's a more detailed guide of photo opportunities with a map to locate them, which are a composite of other resources to present the most common and best places to photograph Mt. Raiiner NP.

The places fall into four catagories: vista, offering panoramic views from lookouts, peaks, turnouts, scenic stops, etc.; view, offering views of natural environment, such as forests, creeks, lakes, glaciers, etc.; waterfall, offering views of commonly known or easily accessible waterfalls; and open area, offering views of meadows and open alpine or glacier environments. The map provides information to the location, description, access, difficulty and notes.

The places range from the very easy and easily accessible, meaning at a turnoff or rest stop along the highway to the difficult where some hiking experience is really necessary as it's a long day hike for distance and/or elevation gain or overnight stay if you want sunset and sunrise photos. They range in type from views of creeks and forest, to waterfalls and to vista of the area and Mt. Rainier.

As mentioned, it's the first draft as it will be the template for the other five area photo guides. It will undergo a review and updates as I review and improve the information and Web pages. As always, you're welcome to send me you comments, suggestions, questions or problems.

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