Sunday, May 31, 2009

Viewing Glaciers

One of Mt. Rainier's most prominent features after the mountain itself are the many glaciers. They're what have shaped the mountain after the volcanic processes built it. Both are in a dynamic relationship between forming and building the mountain and destroying it. And while many visitors can see the glaciers from a distance, it's not hard to see some closer and even hike to some of the glaciers' edges and terminus.

And to help you, I've developed a glacier viewing Web page with a map of viewing locations. About half of the glaciers are viewable or accessible from trails, from easy short hikes to longer overnight hikes. It's all up to you to decide which one.

I hope these Web pages help and you're always welcome to send me your comments, suggestions, problems, corrections and questions. The map (above) is from "A Visitor's Guide to Mount Rainer Glaciers", Carolyn Driedger, Pacific Northwest National Parks and Forests Association, 1986, figure 1, page 7.

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