Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Contest

Aperture Nature Workshops is sponsoring its fourth and final contest with the four winners to photograph in and around Mt. Rainier NP September 9-12, 2009. You can read about the contest and rules at blog annoucing the contest and rules. The window to submit images (one per photographer) is May 14th to July 15th.

While the trip to Mt. Rainier for the winners will be after the wildflower season, it's an excellent time for the far fewer visitors and photographers at the NP, and before the cooler weather starts. It's also when there's still lots of daylight to be out early and later, and still have opportunities during the day in the forested and lowland areas. It affords you a lot of photo opportunities no matter the time or place there.

This contest offers any prospective photographer two things. First, the chance to work with four excellent professional nature photographers. And second, the chance to be in Mt. Rainier NP for 4 days all expenses paid. What more could you ask for in a great photography vacation?

I've meet Scott Bourne over the last decade or so at workshops and personally. He's hiked and photographed in Mt. Rainier NP most of his life. He's only one of a few who have such an extensive experience and work in Mt. Rainier NP. I have no doubt the others are equally experienced in their work.

Anyway, that's the stuff about this contest. I'm curious of the places and experiences of the group (provided I'm not one, yeah right, and there's a Tacoma Narrows Bridge I'm buying too) through the blog.

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