Thursday, May 21, 2009

MPG V2.6

I have updated the Mt. Rainier NP Photo Guide with version 2.6. The changes are the addition, or start of the addition, of specific area photo guides and a road trip photo guide for circumnavigation and destination trips. In addition, some reorganization was done on the table of contents for the guide.

On the horizon on the guides for the four remaining areas, Paradise and Northwest are in production and the Southeast and Northeast are in preparation (meaning after the first two). In addition a photo guide to the glaciers and viewing places is in production. The schedule for this work is the June-July timeframe.

After that are the guides in the table of contents listed as "forthcoming", meaning they're ideas with outlines or something along with continuing work on the 1896 expedition Web pages. No schedule has been set yet for this work as summer is the time for photo hikes and trips. It's been a long time since I visited some of the areas in the NP and the conditions in the NP aren't good for early hikes since the NP is almost still has snow on the crowd, often 2-3 feet or more deep.

This will be a later snowmelt year along with the subsequent later wildflower season. And depending on the summer weather, some of the higher elevation trails, especially parts of the Wonderland trail, will be snow bound most if not all of the summer. I'll keep the news Web pages updated as I find more information.

That's it for now. I hope the photo guide helps, and you're always welcome to send me your questions, comments, suggestions or problems.

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