Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cool tips for the Web pages

While I'm working on the Web pages, see the progress report posted just before this one, I've discovered some interesting features which improves the utility of the Web pages in the photo guide. And these are?

Well, for one, while wandering around the local Apple store to replace my old Mac G5 PPC (yeah, after 4 1/2 years it's still cranking along but can't be updated and many new or upgrade applications aren't available for it anymore, even Apple and Adobe have abandoned support for it), I tested the Website and photo guide with the new iPad, and it's looks and works cool on an iPad. I plan to get one for demonstrations and other work away from the office, so I'll be doing more testing with it in the future but you can find it useful in the field if you have an iPad.

The other one is for users of Apple's Safari browser. If you use this browser, all the text based Web pages will display and print in the reader tool in the browser. You can see this in the URL bar with the "Reader" button. It doesn't work so well with the maps, displaying on the text below the map or display columns of links, but many of the pages produce a nice print format.

On another note, I will produce the Web pages in PDF beginning sometime next year. It's the predecessor to the book version, but I have to learn how to produce the full display of the Web page, with linkable maps, in the PDF. Always something new to learn. I'll keep you posted, but I plan to add a "PDF" link to each one near the top of the text.

That's it for now.

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