Friday, September 24, 2010


The three Web pages for lakes in Mt. Rainier NP, Web pages have been updated with the addition of three lakes with names on the Mt. Rainier NP Centennial Edition Map. The map has 6 lakes with names not on USGS topographic maps. Three of them are insignificant or remote to be useful but three were to be included in the list and map Web pages.

This doesn't change the information that only 46 of the 400 mapped lakes have official names. While many have unofficial names, like these three, they were not included in the original list as any visitor, hiker and/or photographer would not easily find them on maps or without some research. The additon of the three from the Centennial Edition map doesn't conflict with this practice, as the lakes are obvious on topographic maps, just not named.

Anyway, that's the latest improvement to the photo guide to date. The todo list for additions and improvements is long not including the routine and monthly updates, so I'll be busy. I hope the guide helps and you can always send me, e-mail with your comments, suggestions, questions or problems.

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