Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Fremont Lookout

I updated the Web page for the map of lookouts in and around Mt. Rainier and the NP. In walking through the Web pages for the photo guide I discovered the link in the information for each one wasn't working anymore. The NPS moved their Web pages and the other Website transferred all of their information to another Website. This is now fixed with five going to a Website for historic fire lookouts and one (Tolme Peak) to the NPS Website.

I apologize for the inconvience this caused visitors looking for information for their visit to Mt. Rainier NP. All I can say is much of hte information in the photo guide links to other Websites to expand your knowledge of the NP, and sometimes changes are made which break my links. I routinely walk through the Website looking for these things as well as using a link checker application. But the map links aren't scanned by the application and must be checked by hand.

Anyway, it's back working properly.

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