Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Website problems

Update.--I've patched the problem Web pages and uploaded the entire Website. I haven't completed the walk through to check every page but the samples look ok. The map Web pages should print properly know (center and full size and not shifted left). I want to thank you for your patience with this work.

Orignal post.--Folks, I apologize for the September news, conditions and reports not on-line yet. I started last week and discovered some underlying issues with the Web pages, some for the entire Website and some for the Mt. Rainier Photo Guide Web pages, and some for the photo guide map Web pages. I'm working to resolve the issues and problems, which I'm down to identifying problems with print versions for some of the map Web pages.

At this time I don't have a date when the stuff will be fixed, life keeps getting in the way, but it will be this coming week. I realize I missed the Labor Day Weekend update and prospects, but it short it was a lot like the photo from Paradise (above), lots of gray and dark blue skies with a hope of clear skies and sunshine in the distance. Until then, it's follow the terrain and see where it leads.

I thank you for your patience, especially considering this is a one person's effort, and I'll keep you posted here when things are fixed and everything is on-line.

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